Psychiatrist - Adult Outpatient - Part Time

Part-time position 

We Value Our Employees By Offering:

  • Medical, Dental, Life, and Health Care Benefits (FT)
  • 3 weeks of paid/sick time off plus 10 Holidays per year (FT) 

Polara Health, Serving on the front-lines of mental health treatment in Yavapai County since 1966, Polara Health (formerly West Yavapai Guidance Clinic) is uniquely positioned to improve access for people in need of high quality and affordable holistic care. We are a beacon of hope, help and healing for over 7,000 individual and families and 1,300 children annually.  Focused on addressing the whole person through a client centered approach, we offer holistic, transformative services that are tailored to address the unique needs of each client, address the social determinants of health and ensure coordination of care with loved ones and other integrated service providers. 


The Psychiatrist is responsible for supporting the strategic plan, managing clinical decision making, and ensuring the quality of medical outcomes. 
Psychiatrist's will manage a caseload that may include severely mentally ill adults, general mental health patients, and substance abuse patients.  Participation in the on-call and emergency care of patients will also be duties of the position. The Psychiatrist will lead the company in matters of a clinical nature, and will assist in the development and approve and monitor the implementation of medical policies/procedures. 


Effective leadership communicates the organization's vision and values to be carried out in the day-to-day activities throughout the hospital. Effective leadership depends upon the successful performance of the following leadership competencies: 

  • Demonstrates the ability to communicate the clinic and hospital's mission, vision and values, as well as departmental goals, to all staff.
  • Provides leadership and guidance to other leaders and staff in goal setting, problem solving, resource management, and outcome achievement.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to a healthy work environment by modeling the desired behaviors and encouraging those in others.
  • Collaborates with other departments to create systems and problem solve ongoing issues that impact departmental/organizational goals and/or patient care delivery.
  • Demonstrates fiscal accountability for department resources and the ability to achieve outcomes within allocated resources.
  • Incorporates quality improvement data and/or patient satisfaction data into departmental goals.
  • Demonstrates a clear understanding of regulations applicable to patient care and/or other department functions.
  • Demonstrates the ability to cope with and manage change, as well as help others do the same.
  • Demonstrates a clear understanding of regulations applicable to patient care and other department functions.


  • Provides quality medical and psychiatric diagnostic assessment and medication evaluation/management to meet the mental health needs of a varied caseload which may include seriously mentally ill adults, children or adolescents, the developmentally disabled/mentally retarded, geriatric, general mental health, and substance abuse patients who are supported in the community through an array of case management, day treatment, vocational, residential, group home, and housing services.
  • Assists in the recruitment of relevant other medical staff.
  • Interacts regularly with care management specialists and coordinators to identify and develop strategies relative to utilization concerns within the health system setting.
  • Participates in training efforts internally that are designed to improve quality and consistency of decisions in medical management.
  • Proactively participates in state and national initiatives.
  • Actively participates in a medical staff peer review program.
  • Demonstrates respect and regard for the dignity of all patients, families, visitors, and fellow employees to ensure a professional, responsible, and courteous environment.
  • Interacts with all of the above in a considerate, helpful, and courteous manner, as observed by the board of directors and peers.
  • Fosters mature professional relationships with fellow employees in a courteous, friendly manner, as measured by management observation and peer input.
  • Maintains professional composure and confidence during stressful situations.
  • Maintains open communication regarding issues.
  • Conducts all work activities with respect for the rights and wishes of patients, visitors, families, and fellow employees.
  • Maintains confidentiality of all hospital and patient information at all times, as observed by peers and management.
  • Continuously displays a "can do" attitude within the department and across departmental lines to contribute to the overall customer service program in place at the hospital.
  • Demonstrates adherence to disciplinary code of ethics.
  • Promotes effective working relations and works effectively as part of a department team inter- and intradepartmentally to facilitate the department's ability to meet its goals and objectives.
  • Participates in staff meetings, as determined by the Medical Director.
  • Supports the clinic and hospital's mission, policies, and procedures through attendance and participation at committee meetings, if applicable.
  • Demonstrates willingness to assume responsibilities beyond direct patient care tasks.
  • Acts as a professional role model.
  • Identifies and utilizes opportunities to benefit the facility.
  • Effectively and confidently communicates in all professional situations.
  • Participates in a positive supervisory relationship by independently bringing issues to the supervisor, being receptive to constructive input, and working cooperatively toward goals.
  • Practices in a manner in which facilitates a team philosophy.
  • Completes work assignments on time/readily accepts assignments, as observed by the Medical Director.


  • Utilizes appropriate resources within the institution to provide consultation, education, technical, or informational services as needed for self, staff, and patients.
  • Meets with staff to problem solve, manage, and monitor treatment plans for clients.
  • Develops collaborative working relationships with department heads, medical staff and other resources/support personnel who provide services to the unit and/or patients, as evidenced by observation.
  • Initiates communication to ensure problems are resolved and special needs are met as evidenced by, but not limited to, employee communication forms, incident report follow up, and patient survey response follow up.


Minimum Education 

-  Must possess a MD or DO degree with specialty in psychiatry.

Minimum Work Experience

  • A minimum of five years' clinical experience in Psychiatry is desired.
  • Extensive training/experience/knowledge of utilization tools and systems for appropriateness and level of care criteria.
  • Experience in risk-sharing contracts and ability to relate this to the physician membership a plus.
  • Demonstrated experience in modifying provider behavior through reporting and consultation
  • Required Licenses/Certifications
  • Medical Degree in Psychiatry in Arizona
  • DEA License
  • Board Certified or Eligible for board certification in either Psychiatry or Neurology

Required Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities

  • Demonstrated ability to analyze data, make appropriate decisions, and take appropriate actions.
  • Communication skills, including individual and group presentations to physicians
  • Demonstrated leadership administrative skills and the ability to build a team.
  • Self-starter who is motivated, energetic, and enthusiastic
  • Strong work ethic; an individual who is result-oriented, intelligent and persuasive/convincing
  • Decisive, yet cooperative, with a strong service mentality.
  • Ability to understand and be sensitive to practicing physicians while, at the same time, motivating them to think differently under managed care.
  • Ability to deal with ambiguity and focus on the quality of care, be productive, and possess business knowledge and leadership skills


TEAMWORK: Acts as a cohesive member of a work team and demonstrates appropriate interactions with all hospital service providers. 

COMMUNICATION: Fosters an environment that nurtures collaboration, teamwork, and mutual respect through effective communication. Demonstrates positive communication skills evidenced by effective working relationships. 

RESPECT FOR OTHERS: Takes actions that indicate a consideration for others and being aware of the impact of one's behavior on others, demonstrates respect for diverse backgrounds of all patients, families, and coworkers, and seeks accommodations.

TIME AND PRIORITY MANAGEMENT: Optimizes use of time by efficiently using resources to identify barriers and balance priorities. Efficiently utilizes tools, resources, techniques and/or systems to organize tasks. Balances multiple priorities simultaneously, ensuring the timely and accurate completion of each task while maintaining quality standards.

EOE/Non-smoking facility. Pre-employment drug screening/background check required. ** All candidates must be able to obtain a DPS Fingerprint Clearance card. 

It is the policy of Polara Health not to discriminate against any employee or any applicant for employment because of age, race, religion, color, handicap, sex, physical condition, disability, sexual orientation, protected veteran status or national origin.  This policy shall include, but not be limited to, the following:  recruitment and employment, promotion, demotion, transfer, compensation, selection for training including apprenticeship, layoff and termination.  PH further agrees to take affirmative action to ensure equal employment opportunities.